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Author Guidelines

Original, unpublished articles (excluding title, abstract, key words and references) not exceeding 5000 words may be submitted to Poornadrushti Journal of Literature & Languages (PJLS) either in English or Kannada. Spellings should adhere to either the British or American. The journal reserves the right to reject a paper even after it has been accepted if it becomes apparent that there are serious problems with the content or with violations of our publishing ethics. Editor/Managing Editor of the journal will contact the author/ authors with a decision as to whether the manuscript will be considered for publication in the journal. Authors of manuscripts accepted for consideration will be asked to confirm their agreement with the journal’s policies.


Well-structured and original manuscripts may sent to:

May/June edition :  To be submitted by Jan/Feb
Dec/Jan edition    :  To be submitted by Jun/July

Reference format


All submissions to Poornadrishti; Journal of Literary Studies must follow the MLA style of reference in both in text and final references list. Kindly follow the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook.


Manuscript Format

Manuscript shall have the following ordered elements: Title, authors, affiliations, abstract, keywords, text (introduction, literature review, methodology, findings-discussions and conclusion), acknowledgements, and conflicts of interests, notes, and references. Authors should process the submission MS Word file. English articles must be in Times New Roman font with 12 font size, 2 line spacing. Articles in Kannada must be submitted in Nudi 01 e, font size of 12 and 1.5 line spacing.



Title of the Paper


1Author’s Name, Designation & Department, Institution with full address (City, State, Country, Postal code):

E-mail Id &Contact Number

2Author’s Name, Designation & Department, Institution with full address (City, State, Country, Postal code):

E-mail Id &Contact Number




The abstract should consist of 150 to 200 words or less. The abstract should be written in complete sentences and should briefly state the objectives of study, materials and methods, Results and Findings, Implications, and Scope for future work/ Limitations; it should be intelligible without reference to the rest of the paper. The abstract should only include text. Avoid the use of abbreviations and references in the abstract.


Key words


5 to 7 key words (alphabetically ordered) related to the work.

Full paper 


The full paper should consist of 4500-5000 words or 10 Pages including (1) Title, (2) Abstract and Key words, (3) Introduction, (4) Materials and Methods, (5) Findings, Discussion, Tables & Graphs (6) Conclusion, (7) References.


Reference format

All submissions to the Journal of Literature & Languages must follow the MLA style of reference for both in text and a final references list.

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