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After Kitchen…

Prof. Rachel Bari

After kitchen… what creativity?

The sound of running water

and the clink of dishes

waiting to be scrubbed

leaves no room for any

music of creativity.

The mess in the kitchen counter,

the basket of veggies waiting

to be chopped and diced,

the knife menacing but pliant

In the hands of the chopper

has no role in creativity

but to shape the cut of veggies.

The smell bears no fragrance

as onions are set to peel

And the garlic. huh!

What whiff will inspire

Lyrics, o muse of creativity?


You lurk in colors, fragrances

In deep ravines, lofty mountains

Gurgling waters, icy and clear

Crisp leaves green,

Autumn and fall inspires

verses and songs,

You vanish within the kitchen

lost amidst the long lines

of masalas kept in line

adding colour and fragrance

only to curries

but not to verses

 Verses dry and shrivel up

like curry leaves thrown

into hot oil.

Budding words wither

never to bloom amidst

the cacophony of noises

emanating from the cooker,

The pan, the scrub and

The dripping tap.


After kitchen, what creativity?  


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